Certified Negotiation Expert

Buying or selling property can be a very challenging process. The transaction involves both logical and emotional responses from both sides. Multiple parties, conflicting interests, and a myriad of issues can make what seems like a simple negotiation very complex. When choosing a real estate professional shouldn’t you consider how well that professional can negotiation on your behalf?

Team Woodall delivers on this expectation! Stephen has completed training in advanced negotiation techniques and approaches to become a Certified Negotiation Expert (CNE). Having been trained in the complexities associated with real estate transactions, Stephen has the tools to implement for your benefit throughout all the various negotiations when buying or selling a property. This CNE designation is on top of his extensive real world experience and equips him to gain the best possible outcome for clients. While this doesn’t mean all of your goals can be achieved in every case, it definitely arms you with best advantage to make that happen. Our goal is to save you more money on your transaction than we earn in commission.