Rocky Point: Arizona's Beach

You won’t find any beachfront property in Arizona, save the shores of the Colorado River in Lake Havasu perhaps, yet we Arizonans love to beat the heat with a nice trip to the ocean once in a while. A six hour drive away, San Diego is probably the most popular destination for this, but […]

Downtown Tucson's Historic Turquoise Trail

I’ve lived in Tucson my entire life, but other than what I learned in 8th Grade about Tucson and Arizona history, sadly I don’t know much. Nor did I really care to, until I read Nancy E. Turner’s historical fiction novel These Is My Words, written in the style of a young woman’s journal in the […]

Blue Apron: Is It Worth It?

“I don’t feel like much of anything. It all seems so repetitive. Not enough variety.”

That was Stephen’s response to my text about what I should get for dinner that night. Great. Cooking vegetarian dinners (my requirement) that two adults and two kids will eat just got harder, so when […]

Six Things to Do Around Tucson in April 2015

April is just one of many fantastic months to get outdoors and experience all that Tucson has to offer. The weather is ideal for running, hiking, biking, and general outdoorsiness. In fact, April is Bike Fest presented by the Living Streets Alliance, and there are activities and events going on across town throughout the month. […]