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Thank you for choosing Team Woodall as your Buyer’s Agent for your latest real estate purchase. We sincerely appreciate your support and look forward to helping you, your family, and your friends for many years to come. In order to continue providing the highest levels of service we’d appreciate your participation in this brief survey.

Client satisfaction is extremely important to us and we’re always striving to improve whenever possible. Hopefully your experience with us met or exceeded all of your expectations. If that’s the case we’d love to hear about it! However, if you think there are areas we could improve on then please let us know that as well. Real estate transactions are always dynamic and even when bumps in the road occur, whether because of something within our control or not, we are committed to making it right and satisfying our clients to the best of our abilities.

Your opinions are valued and kept confidential unless you choose to provide us with a testimonial which will be used on our website and/or in marketing materials. Thank you again for allowing us to help you in your purchase and we hope to be of assistance for many years to come.


Stephen & Heather Woodall


How did you first hear about Team Woodall?
Open HouseMailing ListReferral/FriendSignageOnline Search/WebsitePrint AdsOther

Did we communicate effectively throughout the transaction by phone, email, text, or otherwise?

Was Team Woodall responsive to your questions and inquiries in a timely manner?
Very ResponsiveFrequently ResponsiveSometimes ResponsiveResponded Slowly

How would you rate Team Woodall's knowledge of the market (neighborhoods, market trends, available homes & comparable sales)?
Very KnowledgeableKnowledgeableSomewhat KnowledgeableNeeds Improvement

Were we effective in helping you navigate and understand the purchase process all the way through closing?
Very EffectiveEffectiveSomewhat EffectiveNot Effective

How often did you use our website for searches or other informational resources?
Very FrequentlySometimesSeldomNever

Where did you search for properties online BEFORE contacting Team Woodall? (Select all that apply)

Where did you search for properties online AFTER contacting Team Woodall? (Select all that apply)

Did you utilize "Saved Searches" at any of the above websites to receive automatic emails when new properties came on the market?

If you used a mobile search app which one did you use? (Select all that apply)
TeamWoodall Branded Long AppLong Realty AppZillow AppTrulia AppOtherDidn't Use an App

How would you describe your OVERALL experience with Team Woodall?

How likely would you be to use Team Woodall again for a future transaction or recommend Team Woodall to family & friends?
Extremely LikelyVery LikelyLikelyPossiblyNot Likely

Do you have any family and/or friends who might benefit from our services now or who may be needing us in the near future?

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Would you like to receive an emailed monthly Long Realty Housing Report for your geographic area to stay in touch with local market values & trends?
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Would you like us to set you up to receive emails with new listings and price changes for homes in your subdivision to keep current on your neighborhood?
Yes, DailyYes, WeeklyYes, MonthlyMaybe Later

Which areas do you think Team Woodall excelled in the most?

What specifically could we do to improve your buying experience next time?

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Thank you for taking the time to complete our Buyer Survey and help us continue to improve the quality of our service!