Discover the Oro Valley Community Academy

The Town of Oro Valley will soon be starting another “Community Academy” which enables residents to better understand the functions of the Oro Valley government. This academy is a 7-week program that includes valuable information about the Town’s structure, community planning process, parks & recreation, public art, and other Town services. The classes typically […]

Fannie & Freddie Close to Paying Back

It’s expected that later this month when their earnings are shared Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac will have paid back more than the $187 billion they received starting in 2008 as part of a government bailout. The last few years these mortgage giants have been making enormous profits and the government has been the primary […]

Oro Valley Dollars

The Town of Oro Valley has implemented a number of programs designed to promote local businesses and also help keep residents’ shopping dollars in town. One of these programs is Oro Valley Dollars. The OV Dollars are essentially gift cards that can be used at over 70 Oro Valley businesses rather than a typical gift […]

Major Flood Insurance Changes

There is some MAJOR news taking effect that has largely passed under the radar in regards to flood insurance. Any owner of a home within a flood zone needs to be aware of these changes and any potential buyer of a similar property should be in tune as well. Effective this past Tuesday, October 1st, […]

FHA Loans Will Become More Costly

FHA loans have become a stalwart of financing in the last few years (upwards of 35% of the mortgage market) as conventional mortgages became more difficult to qualify for and down payment reserves were more scarce for buyers. The attractiveness of financing with just 3.5% down has been a huge benefit for many buyers recently. […]

Oro Valley's School Resource Officers

Since 1977 Oro Valley has annually renewed its commitment to the Oro Valley Police Department’s School Resource Officer (SRO) Program. Today the program consists of seven officers and one supervising sergeant assigned to each of the town’s Amphitheater schools. One officer is assigned to each of the elementary schools and K-8 school while two each […]

Oro Valley Cash Mob

Helping to support your local businesses is important not only for the health of the community, but also to keep sales tax dollars local. To this end the Town of Oro Valley launched its Oro Valley Cash Mob program which picks a different business each month to “mob”. Based on the idea of a dance […]

4% Down Payment Assistance Now Available!

Pima Tucson Homebuyer’s Solution Program just may be the answer for buyer’s wanting to purchase a home in the Tucson area and needing down payment assistance. This program offers eligible candidates a 4% grant that may be used towards a down payment or closing costs. This grant does not have to be repaid unless there […]

Mortgage Forgiveness Debt Relief Set to Expire

There is a key piece of legislation set to expire at the end of this year which could have a HUGE impact on the real estate market & for many homeowners wanting to sell their homes. This legislation is the Mortgage Forgiveness Debt Relief Act of 2007 which exempts homeowners from having to pay tax […]

QE3 Arrives

The federal government’s third quantitative easing program, commonly referred to as QE3, was just announced last week by Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke. The rationale and a in-depth analysis of this policy is best suited for another forum, however, its impact should for those in the real estate market should be low interest rates for […]