How Much Down Payment Do I Need in 2017?

There has been a lot of coverage in the news lately on interest rates, factors that cause an increase or decrease, and how movement will affect the overall housing market. A more important topic that has gone unnoticed is the fact that mortgage credit policies have eased up a bit in the last few […]

November 2016 Mortgage Rate Update

Mortgage rates have been very volatile over the past couple of weeks and now sit close to their peak levels for 2016. This volatility has stemmed in large part from the presidential election, both leading up to the day itself and the forecasts for our economy since the results were decided.

The two main […]

Pathway to Purchase Loan Program

Just when we think interest rates will finally rise to more normal levels there seems to be some piece of economic news that comes along to keep them low. Most recently the Brexit news has spurred some turmoil in the markets and interest rates have dropped again to incredibly low levels in the low 3%’s […]

New Closing Guidelines Simplified - TILA/RESPA

The coming changes to the real estate closing process for financed transactions have been trumpeted by some as ominous or potentially disastrous for the real estate market. Exaggerations and misunderstandings have led to this sense of impending doom, but the reality is that these changes are beneficial for consumers and won’t markedly delay the vast […]

Refinancing: When Does It Make Sense?

Interest rates have been extremely low for many years now, and quite a few homeowners with mortgages have refinanced. However, many people feel uncomfortable with refinancing as they aren’t sure if it’s in their best interests. So when does it make sense to refinance? The answer is: it depends. Not quite the easy answer most […]

FHA Limit Decreased for Pima County

A number of changes have taken place recently with FHA loans and another one is coming in 2014 for buyers in Pima County. Beginning with new case numbers issued after January 1, 2014 the maximum loan limit for an FHA loan within Pima County will be $271,050. This is a reduction of $45,200 from the […]

Early December Interest Rate Update

Interest rates are starting to edge up again but are still at very attractive levels. In fact, according to Freddie Mac’s press release last week the 30-year fixed-rate mortgage averaged 4.29% with an average of 0.7 point. This was up from the previous week when it averaged 4.22%. For some long-term perspective though the same […]

Loan Guidelines Loosening

Make no doubt about it, the guidelines, or more accurately lack thereof, for mortgage qualifications during the housing “boom” was a major contributor to the economic recession we’re still climbing out of today. However, immediately afterwards the overcautious reaction was to create extremely stringent guidelines that ,ept many capable buyers from being able to qualify […]

Interest Rate Update

It’s been a very gentle roller coaster ride for interest rates over the last few months but rates have recently dropped again. Primarily impacting these rates recently was the decision by the Federal Reserve to continue its current rate of bond purchases which had the effect of rates sliding back down. However, at some point […]

Condo Lending Returns

Buyers interested in condos the last few years have had almost no outlet to turn to with financing. Almost all of the condo sales have required cash purchases, so it’s great to hear that we finally are seeing financing available again for these units. At least one lender in town, Sunstreet Mortgage, will finance units […]