6 Suggestions For Moving Day Success

Planning to move? Included below are six suggestions that are guaranteed to make your transition smoother and less stressful.

Start sorting and packing about two months before your planned move date. Use colored stickers to mark what will be moved, donated or thrown away. If you have pets, ask your veterinarian, selected moving company, […]

August 2016 Housing Market in Tucson

The most frequent question we get asked by friends and those we meet out in the community is, “How’s the market?” Right now that answer is pretty simple: much improved!

The 2016 Mid-Year Housing Report provides a great graphical representation of just how much of a seller’s market it is today under $350,000. Simply […]

New Closing Guidelines Simplified - TILA/RESPA

The coming changes to the real estate closing process for financed transactions have been trumpeted by some as ominous or potentially disastrous for the real estate market. Exaggerations and misunderstandings have led to this sense of impending doom, but the reality is that these changes are beneficial for consumers and won’t markedly delay the vast […]

2014 Mid-Year State of the Market

Each month Long Realty produces the industry leading Housing Reports which you can find online here at TeamWoodall.com. One of the best features of the Housing Reports is that they’re hyper-local, with statistics and summaries about specific areas of town and communities. However, every so often Long Realty also compiles special reports that take a […]

August Housing Reports Are Live!

Long Realty’s Housing Reports for the month of August are now live on TeamWoodall.com. Also out this month is another special Mid-Year State of the Market for 2014. This report details trends and statistics for Tucson, Phoenix, and outlying cities as well. Be sure and take a look at this informative report which essentially demonstrates […]

May Housing Reports Live!

The Long Realty May Housing Reports are now LIVE on TeamWoodall.com. Anyone signed up for automatic email reports should be receiving their updates today, Monday, May 12th. The news is fairly mixed depending upon area but a few common threads seen in many of them is a rise in inventory levels compared to a year […]

Closing Up a Home for the Summer

This time of year many Tucson area homeowners begin the process of packing up belongings and returning to their summer homes in cooler climates. However, packing your belongings is just the start of a longer list of items which should be done around your home to make sure it’s well taken care of when you […]

State of the Market Housing Report

Another special Housing Report has just been released that encompasses a broad look at the “State of the Market”. This valuable resource provides a macro view of the housing markets in Arizona as it looks back on 2013 statistics and forecasts what we’re likely to see in the months ahead in 2014. The report delves […]

Further Improved Housing Stats Released

The extremely popular Long Realty Housing Reports received a major facelift and feature improvement a couple months back. Well Long Realty didn’t stop with those changes and has continued to modify the new format to make sure it’s as useful as possible. Based upon substantial feedback from agents and clients this month’s reports have increased […]

Housing Reports Live - Updated Format

The October ’13 Housing Reports are now online! Check them out here: http://teamwoodall.com/real-estate-information/local-housing-statistics/. This month saw the launch of a BRAND NEW format for the Housing Reports. This fresh look isn’t purely cosmetic either as the Housing Reports now include the following new features:

Pricing Heat Map – A heat map that shows the area […]