Condominiums In Danger of Losing FHA Eligibility

A mandate issued in 2009 by the Federal Housing Administration required that all condominium projects approved for FHA guaranteed loans and refinancing prior to 2007 submit additional documentation by December 7, 2010 in order to remain FHA eligible. This requirement aims to greatly improve the financial stability of these condo projects by guaranteeing adequate budgets […]

Seasons Shift For Sellers

As Fall begins to approach it is wise for sellers to take a look at their home and make any revisions necessary to keep the property in top shape to attract offers. Here are a few tips to keep in mind that could add appeal moving towards the Fall:

Replace seasonal flowers or plants with […]

Termite Warranties

In the desert Southwest there are absoultely termites lurking around most homes and having a proper termite prevention barrier in place is key. New homes will very typically come equipped with a five year warranty, so should you see any termite activity the original subcontractor that treated the home will come out to take care […]

Home Inspection Introduction

Whether you’re selling a home or an interested buyer searching for a new property, the topic of a home inspection is likely to arise at some point. Most people have a general idea of the purpose in getting a home inspection, but often ask the question: Is it really necessary to pay for a home […]