Around Tucson Video Series

Around Tucson Video Series

Looking to explore the outdoors around Tucson? We may have the ideal solution that will allow you to find trails and locations that you’ve never visited before with our latest Team Woodall addition, the “Around Tucson Videos.”

Being runners ourselves most of these videos will highlight various trails that we’ve run, but most of them will also be quite suitable for hiking and mountain biking as well. Essentially anyone looking to get outdoors should benefit from these videos. Some of these videos may highlight a new listing in the area, but for the most part they’ll be focused on the trails themselves.

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November 2016 Mortgage Rate Update

November 2016 Mortgage Rate Update

Mortgage rates have been very volatile over the past couple of weeks and now sit close to their peak levels for 2016. This volatility has stemmed in large part from the presidential election, both leading up to the day itself and the forecasts for our economy since the results were decided.

The two main factors leading to the rise in interest rates are the anticipation of inflation coupled with a larger federal budget deficit. Rising inflation increases mortgage rates and a larger deficit would likely trigger an increase in the number of bonds issued, thereby increasing supply & decreasing bond prices, causing higher interest rates which typically have an inverse relationship to bond prices.

While mortgage rates are still at historically very low rates, a continued rise in rates could spur some buyers on the fence to take action and consider moving up timelines for purchases of homes. It’s worth keeping an eye on rates in the near future.


To see a graphical representation of mortgage rate trends, view the most recent Housing Report.

Termites in Tucson are Common but Treatable

Termites in Tucson are Common but Treatable

It’s easy to get complacent in environments in which we feel very comfortable, including our home. We need to remember to keep our eyes open and stay vigilant in checking for abnormalities, including the presence of termites around our residence.

Just this past month there were some termite tubes that popped up at our own home and thankfully this quick identification of the issue guaranteed that there existed no chance of damage being done. Termites do take a while to cause structural damage so the presence of them isn’t anything to be particularly alarmed by. Just have them treated reasonably quickly.

The saying around Tucson goes that it’s not a matter of if you’ll get termites, just when. Having a monthly pest service at your home can also be a great way to identify issues such as this and keep your home bug free!

View our list of recommended real estate industry providers, including those for pest control and termites.

Discover the Oro Valley Community Academy

Discover the Oro Valley Community Academy

The Town of Oro Valley will soon be starting another “Community Academy” which enables residents to better understand the functions of the Oro Valley government. This academy is a 7-week program that includes valuable information about the Town’s structure, community planning process, parks & recreation, public art, and other Town services. The classes typically take place on weekday evenings for about two hours and are an excellent opportunity to learn more about the Town & perhaps enable someone to serve as a resident on a Town committee in the future. Space is limited so if you’re interested CLICK HERE for more information & the registration link.

  • Class 1 – Welcome to Oro Valley
  • Class 2 – Approaching Build Out
  • Class 3 – Growing Commercial Opportunities
  • Class 4 – Creating Jobs & Our Town Finances
  • Class 5 – Maintaining Fun & Safety in Oro Valley
  • Class 6 – Discovering Public Art
  • Class 7 – Conserving Our Natural Environment
  • Graduation – With the Oro Valley Town Council

Get the facts about Oro Valley here.

August 2016 Housing Market in Tucson

August 2016 Housing Market in Tucson

The most frequent question we get asked by friends and those we meet out in the community is, “How’s the market?” Right now that answer is pretty simple: much improved!

The 2016 Mid-Year Housing Report provides a great graphical representation of just how much of a seller’s market it is today under $350,000. Simply put there’s a lack of supply compared with the current demand. This has continued to push prices upwards to levels that we haven’t seen since 2008.

We’re actively looking for new listings to meet this demand, so if you know of someone who might be considering selling, we’d love to talk with them. Our last two listings sold in just 2 & 14 days, both with full price offers!

You can see all of the current market statistics in Tucson here.

Maintaining Fascia & Wood Surfaces

peeling-fasciaFascia boards are usually comprised of wood that line the underside perimeter of your home’s roof. With our harsh Arizona sun, it’s not uncommon for the paint to erode here much more quickly than on the stucco itself. Maintaining a solid coat of paint on this wood will go a long way to protect its long term viability of the roof & keep your repair costs down. Typically repainting your home’s fascia should occur every 2-3 years or as needed. Those areas which are exposed to the western and southern sun often will wear more quickly. If kept up with, this process will most often involve nothing more than simply applying a coat of paint over the top of the fascia. Neglected fascia with peeling paint may require the old paint to be scraped, sanded, primed, and then the top coat of paint to be applied. Tour your home today & inspect the fascia.

Pathway to Purchase Loan Program

Pathway_to_Purchase_Lending_LogoJust when we think interest rates will finally rise to more normal levels there seems to be some piece of economic news that comes along to keep them low. Most recently the Brexit news has spurred some turmoil in the markets and interest rates have dropped again to incredibly low levels in the low 3%’s for most product types. However, this month brought not only a focus on the actual rates but also a new mortgage product coming to Tucson which might prove extremely useful to buyers. This program is called Pathway to Purchase and provides qualified buyers with an attractive 30-year fixed rate mortgage along with a five-year second mortgage equal to 10% of the purchase price that is a forgivable lien against the property at a 0% interest rate, with no required monthly payments. This down payment assistance money can be used towards closing costs as well. This program is now live in Tucson! The program is available on a first come, first served basis. If you or anyone you know is interested in this program please contact Trisha Azares at (520) 696-8959 and tell her Team Woodall sent you & of course contact us too. Here’s a link for more & qualifications:

Home Maintenance - Lubricating Vinyl Windows

Vertical WindowOnce a year it’s a good idea to perform maintenance on your windows which will save you both time and money in the long run. Vinyl windows should be lubricated along the track and frame where the sash slides. Begin by wiping the tracks with a dry cloth to remove loose dust and dirt, followed by vacuuming the area to gather any remaining dust or debris. Next you’ll want to clean the tracks with a mixture of water and vinegar. With one gallon hot water mix in 1 to 1.5 cups of vinegar and then wipe the around the window track, sash, and frame to remove any heavy dirt buildup. Finally, spray some silicone lubricant onto a dry cloth and wipe the lubricant onto the window’s track and grooves where the window slides. Make sure not to spray silicone directly onto the window itself as it can leave a greasy mess or event leave a permanent mark on the glass. That’s it! NOTE: This is for vinyl windows only.

Tucson Pops Orchestra

Tucson PopsLong Realty is once again partnering with the Tucson Pops Orchestra to bring a free concert series to Reid Park this Spring. The remaining dates are May 22nd, 29th, and June 5th. All of the concerts begin at 7:00pm and again admission is FREE! The Tucson Pops Orchestra is led by Musical Director/Conductor Laszlo Veres, a graduate of the University of Arizona who originally hails from Hungary. Retired after 30 years of teaching in public schools, Mr. Veres currently is the conductor of not only the Tucson Pops but also the Foothills Phil and the Arizona Symphonic Winds. Enjoying music under the stars is a great experience for families and music enthusiasts alike. Don’t miss the opportunity to experience this relaxing night of musical entertainment. This Sunday will feature vocalist Katherine Byrnes.

Household Tips – Landscape Maintenance

Trees Over RoofKeeping your landscape trimmed up has additional benefits beyond just the aesthetic appeal. Spring and summer are the times when we see the most growth in most plants & trees with the warmer weather. Here are a few notable spots to make sure you keep tidied up.

1. Trees – Two common spots to focus on are trees that overhang your roof and trees that overhang a sidewalk. Unkempt trees can damage a roof and lead to HOA violation letters if it encroaches a sidewalk.

2. Bushes should be kept trimmed up and several feet away from the side of your house to eliminate moisture & house contact that leads to ideal conditions for termites to thrive.

3. Create a clear buffer area around your landscaped yard to keep pack rats from creating nests.