Architects & Builders

Clients who have decided to purchase a lot and build a custom home will undergo a fairly lengthy journey in building their new home. Having trusted advisors to help throughout this lengthy process is key to an enjoyable experience and ultimately an excellent end product. Tucson has a fairly wide selection of reputable architects and builders who can help a buyer take an empty lot and develop it into a masterful residence. Listed below are just a few of these architects and builders who have built a solid reputation in the Tucson market. Team Woodall strongly encourages all clients looking to build a custom home to interview several of each in order to determine the right fit. It’s extremely important that you feel completely comfortable communicating with your architect and builder. That personal relationship is as important to a fun, successful conclusion as the skill of the professional. Tell them you’re working with Team Woodall or contact us and we’ll help arrange a meeting.


Marc Soloway
Phone: (520) 219-6302

Ron Robinette
Phone: (520) 323-3979

Kevin Howard
Phone: (520) 322-6800

John Herder
Phone: (520) 429-7223

Ken Samson
Phone: (520) 219-1766