Team Woodall Resources

Our efforts to provide relevant information and educate customers during real estate transactions has led us to create several documents which explain our services & provide other pertinent real estate information. Among the many items you’ll find are:

Common Real Estate Transaction Documents

Below you’ll find a list of commonly used real estate forms provided so that you can get familiar with them before getting to the contract phase of a sale or purchase. Knowing the content of these documents and what you’d ultimately be signing is a critical part of your responsibility as a buyer or seller. Take time to read through these in detail, particularly the Purchase Contract, so you’re able to be a more informed client. Please contact us if you have any questions about these documents. There are other documents which may also be used in a transaction in less common scenarios that we will gladly provide upon request. These are blank sample documents and while every effort is made to keep this list updated and current, Team Woodall makes no absolute guarantee they’re the most recent ones available.

Buyer’s Inspection Notice & Seller Response (BINSR)
Buyer Pre-Closing Walkthrough
Buyer’s READE (Real Estate Agency Disclosure and Election)
Buyer’s Receipt & Acknowledgement
Counter Offer
Cure Period Notice
Estimated Cost Sheet
Exclusive Right to Sell Listing Agreement
HOA Planned Community Addendum
Loan Status Update (LSU)
Pre-Qualification Form
Residential Purchase Contract
Short Sale Addendum
Seller’s Property Disclosure Statement (SPDS)
Vacant Land/Lot Purchase Contract
We Notice Our Buyers & Sellers