Redoing Your Tile Grout for Best Results

Another one of those neglected household maintenance items that many of us have put off time and time again is grout touch up. This can be grout between tile in your shower, on your bathroom counters, kitchen counters, or of course your floor tile as well. Not only is old, cracked grout an eyesore, […]

Home Maintenance – Wrapping Your Exterior Plumbing

With winter almost at our doorstep we’d like to remind everyone to prepare your homes for our occasional cold Tucson nights. Even though we are blessed with many days of sunshine, our evening temperatures can pose a hazard several times a year to our home’s plumbing systems. Protect your home by either temporarily wrapping your […]

Creating A Compost Pile

Composting is the process of taking organic material that is generated around households and turning it into usable, nutrient rich soil that can boost the performance of soil in your garden. Another benefit of composting is keeping these organic materials, which comprise approximately 20 to 30 percent of what is typically thrown away in households, […]

Home Maintenance - Caulking Windows

Part of maintaining an energy efficient home is ensuring your windows are properly sealed. Eliminating air leaks can help you save money on utility bills and prevents the intrusion of moisture as well. Over time the caulking around windows can crack or chip away, as seen in the picture to the right. Periodic maintenance is […]

Oro Valley AquaHawk Alerting

Oro Valley Water Utility clients can now sign up for the FREE AquaHawk Alerting service. Once registered this program allows you to monitor your household water usage & receive alerts via email, text, or phone if your use exceeds your self-identified threshold. The benefits include:

Receive Timely Leak Alerts – You specify how you want […]

New Closing Guidelines Simplified - TILA/RESPA

The coming changes to the real estate closing process for financed transactions have been trumpeted by some as ominous or potentially disastrous for the real estate market. Exaggerations and misunderstandings have led to this sense of impending doom, but the reality is that these changes are beneficial for consumers and won’t markedly delay the vast […]

Refinancing: When Does It Make Sense?

Interest rates have been extremely low for many years now, and quite a few homeowners with mortgages have refinanced. However, many people feel uncomfortable with refinancing as they aren’t sure if it’s in their best interests. So when does it make sense to refinance? The answer is: it depends. Not quite the easy answer most […]

Six Things to Do Around Tucson in April 2015

April is just one of many fantastic months to get outdoors and experience all that Tucson has to offer. The weather is ideal for running, hiking, biking, and general outdoorsiness. In fact, April is Bike Fest presented by the Living Streets Alliance, and there are activities and events going on across town throughout the month. […]

Detecting and Fixing a Leaky Toilet

Water leaking from a toilet is not only a drain on the pocketbook but can also lead to premature wear of your toilet’s internals.

To check to see if your toilet might be leaking: Open the top of the tank and add some red food coloring to the water. Come back an hour later […]

Tucson Named #1 Best City to Buy a Home

Forbes recently named Tucson as the #1 Best City To Buy A Home and it’s likely to make an impact in continuing our recovery. That’s quite an honor to receive although not too surprising with our great weather and excellent buying conditions. Among the statistics cited by Forbes were the Median List Price ($170,000), Inventory […]